Fun Facts

  • As a Mechanical Engineer you can work in a an office using tiny measuring instruments to enormous air craft hangers and power plants using giant machines.

  • There are hundreds of thousands of jobs for Mechanical Engineers all over the world, as a Mechanical Engineer, you will be unscathed by the worsening economy.

  • As always with an Engineering job, there is the money, an average income for Mechanical Engineers in 2007 was $75,130.

  • Mechanical Engineers develop and use new materials and technologies. They design using the most advanced computer systems and software.

  • As a Mechanical Engineer your areas of expertise will be enormous. There are so many options to choose from to be a Mechanical Engineer. Your choices are:

  • § Energy, technology and efficiency

  • § Combustion

  • § Acoustics

  • § Noise and vibration control

  • § Biomedical engineering

  • § Fluid mechanics and aeronautics

  • § Manufacturing (plant maintenance, processes and systems, quality management)

  • § Robotics

  • § Automatic control

  • § Computer aided engineering (CAE)

  • § Management of projects and project teams


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